This section is about making things that make tasks more efficient and ergonomic. Design is often at its most charming when it is a simple fix. For example, I make the bed with multiple sheets. This reduces the need for storage, and, when the top sheet is dirty, I simply peel off that layer and save the onerous task of making the bed to as infrequent an occasion as possible. Pictured below:

1. A peripatetic laptop holder. This is especially useful when compiling a 'punchlist' at substantial completion of a construction project.

2. A drum carrying case. The case is also a mute with extra padding on the center of the drum. The other side of the case has a plastic sleeve for reading sheet music while practicing.

3. Device for transporting banners. The client for this project required that the 10' long banners be delivered wrinkle-free. This contraption fits in a Honda Civic.

4. Napkins with built-in rings. One design has a corner grommet that two other ends fold into. The other has a built-in strap with button hole. Both can be hung on a hook when not in use.